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Working Tools

Tools are essential for your nail salon or shop. By using good tools you provide an excellent service, this way you can make the difference.

Tools help you create that stylish look on nails, a unique style for your customer. Discover our tools, that work like a charm on nails, gel nails and products, soon available.

Tools, pencils, files, stencils, So Guilty – Iconic Nails has it all! The pencils are specifically tailored to the needs of the nail artist, of top notch quality and with synthetic hairs or sable hairs for acrylic pencils. They help you create nails in the easiest way possible, because good tools perform miracles! For our files we look at durability.

AA-quality files that you can use for multiple treatments without your file losing its sharpness. The file tips are disposable, but the core is to be kept. This saves you money and it is environmental friendly. Enjoy top quality files for a small price. You can also come to us for hygiene, protection and presentation materials and all necessary accessories.

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