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Utopian Gelpolish


Highly pigmented

The So Guilty Gelpolish system truly makes the difference for your clients. This perfectly opaque, highly pigmented UTOPIAN gelpolish is very easy to apply. You will actually win time!

More benefits:

  • Soakable within 8 minutes;
  • EU-certified;
  • Not tested on animals.

A 12 ml vial is good for about 90 applications, a 5 ml one is good for about 40 applications. We have made our vials for gelpolish classy, so it stands out as a high end product. Bear in mind that you can apply gelpolish onto gel. Our gel products, such as Pre-Prep and Breeze Bond can be used as a degreaser or bonder below the gelpolish, all other gel products cannot be used onto gelpolish.

Excellent choice

Do not forget about our UTOPIAN Gelpolish, this includes three bases and three tops, on top of the highly pigmented colours.

Expand your range by using the different types of tops:

  • A topcoat that gives you high gloss and UV protection without a sticky layer, that is unique;
  • A glittery top coat which immediately transforms your colour into a glamour nail;
  • A matt effect, also without sticky layer and instantly turns matt;

A thin or thick basecoat? The choice is yours. By using a rubber basecoat you can build/strengthen the nail and even apply a small extension. This can be placed under the gel as a base for even better adhesion.

Finally, the coverage of the colours is unique and they are so very easy to apply, thanks to the uniquely designed brush. All tops and colours can be used on the SO GUILTY builder gels!

As you see, our UTOPIAN gelpolish system is an excellent choice!

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